March 24, 2011

The Big Data/Cloud Symbiosis

Nicole Hemsoth

During GigaOm’s Structure event, which connects those in the ever-widening field of big data, CA Technologies’ CTO and EVP, Donald Ferguson made the statement that the drive toward big data could spur massive cloud growth.

As Derrick Harris reported, the CA CTO imagines that “because many organizations’ big data jobs are still batch-oriented and relatively variable in terms of frequency, they’re ideal workloads to run in the cloud, which lets users rent out computing capacity by the hour rather than investing heavily in expensive hardware to meet only their peak needs.”
On the other side of the coin, Ferguson also suggested that there is a symbiotic relationship playing out between big data and cloud developments. On the one hand, while big data workloads can be a prime fit for cloud computing, clouds themselves are making the possibilities of big data within closer reach.
Ferguson argues that this is in part because “the ideal of having large amounts of data available in the cloud and accessible via an API makes it far easier for organizations—specifically their end users-to run jobs they never would have been able to without calling it IT.
Harris speculated that while it’s difficult to draw firm conclusions about how the two movements have an impact on one another, the fact that Ferguson claimed that many of their customers are formulating big data strategies could be a big indicator about this symbiosis.

Full story at GigaOm

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