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April 26, 2011

HP Pounces on CIO Concerns

Nicole Hemsoth

HP is reaching out to CIOs with the promise that they can help them drive down costs and improve overall ROI. They are making the claim that this will not not only lead to a better IT organizatio, but that it will also help keep their jobs or even pull in bonuses.

HP is counting on the idea that wrapping an announcement in this context will appeal to CIOs who are, according to research firm Gartner, finding their performance metrics increasingly tied to financial outcomes versus those in the distinctly technological range.

If Gartner is correct, the days of the enterprise CIO valued exclusively for keen technology might be limited. The new ideal candidate for the lead technology role will have a solid IT background but will have the mind of a CFO.

The research group predicted that by 2016 the ability to drive down costs and increase tech ROI will be among the top factors when companies look to hire new CIOs. This figure has been central HP’s new string of cloud service and advisory announcements, which are collected under the banner of its new Strategic IT Advisory Services program.  

Cloud computing is being touted as one of the quickest ways for enterprise technology executives to bring cost savings about (although whether or not this is the case remains to be seen—there are costs over the long haul to consider). HP sees an opportunity to move in on this push to implement cost-saving cloudy measures while minimizing the risk of the CIO. This is being accomplished via its own Strategic IT Advisory Services program, which will be handled directly by HP (versus partners).

In order to reduce pressure on increasingly money-conscious CIOs and tech execs, HP described the new layer of services it will provide. This includes strategic planning and consulting for implementing cloud environments (in line with their on-demand service and their Converged Infrastructure offering)  as well tailored guidance for managing new architectures and systems.  

If there is a shift underway in finding the most value in a CIO due to his or her ability to make costs a number one priority, HP and others will likely ramp up their messaging. Still, HP and others will need to prove on a case-by-case basis that cloud computing will actually bring in the benefits that CIOs have often been directed to consider.

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