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June 28, 2011

Introducing the First ISC Think Tank Series, Sponsored by HPCwire

Caroline Connor

Taken from my notes on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Whew! Catching my breath as I head towards the Exhibition Theater 1 from the HPCwire booth, my thoughts are racing forward in “TOP500 warp-speed” around our new inaugural HPC alumni event, the ‘ISC Think Tank Series, sponsored by HPCwire’ that will be unfolding in real-time before my eyes this afternoon.

After months of brainstorming with the world-class marketing team at ISC Events, it is just now starting to dawn on me that this is it – show time. The very first ISC Think Tank Series, sponsored by HPCwire’ is about to take center stage at this year’s ISC’11 conference.  What an adrenaline rush I am feeling at the moment – this is so cool!     

Sure, I’ve introduced multiple showcase events and videos during my time in tech marketing – pretty much the standard fare for any marketing communications professional – but this one is somehow different; more exciting, and potentially more dangerous than the standard corporate gigs orchestrated through advertising agencies these days.

This is ‘Movers and Shakers of HPC’ on steroids – no scripting, no rehearsals; nothing except uniting the minds of a select group of highly-regarded thought leaders in HPC discussing one of the most provocative topics facing the industry today: “Today’s Realities and Challenges of HPC in the Cloud.” This is raw, unplugged, and uncensored content captured on film before a live audience. Anything can happen – all the bets are off.

– Capturing the analyst’s viewpoint. Tom Tabor, HPCwire talking with John Barr from The 451 Group, Steve Conway, IDC and Addison Snell, Intersect 360

The idea for producing the series goes back to discussions held early on with our very good friends and partners from Prometeus GmbH, ISC Events, and ISC Cloud, exchanging ideas around how to capture a candid, yet intimate “meeting of the minds” between the brightest and the best of HPC analyst, end-user, and industry luminaries in conversations about a single selected hot topic that is sparking interest amongst the HPC community today. The results are what you will see and hear now from the very first of what will become an annual event for the HPC community.

Be sure to check out the first ISC Think Tank Series, Sponsored by HPCwire at:

You can watch the videos or download the audio to listen to while sitting at your desk, driving, or working out at the gym. Either way, we hope you will enjoy the show.




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