November 21, 2011

ACP, Atipa Client Portal, free to Atipa Cluster owners

Nicole Hemsoth

In realization of today’s rapid technology changes and need for a clustering record keeping system for clients’ use, Atipa Technologies, a Kansas-based company, developed a support tracking software for Atipa cluster owners. Atipa Client Portal (ACP) is versatile technical-information tracking software for organizing knowledge and managing a customer’s interactions with Atipa’s technical support group. ACP is free with the purchase of any Atipa cluster. 

ACP’s knowledge-base is maintained and organized by Atipa’s software engineers, relieving Atipa cluster owners from the burden of record-keeping. Clients thereby benefit from the information gathered by ACP at no extra cost or time. ACP can be used to complement a help desk, share information among employees within an organization, and train new hires.

ACP also stores troubleshooting information, articles, white papers, user manuals, knowledge tags, and answers to frequently asked questions.  Users can browse technical topics and information through a menu-based classification scheme or quickly locate specific information using an advanced search engine. Consequently, clients can find the answers to their technical inquiries conveniently.

So knowledge doesn’t get lost

At Atipa Technologies, customer relationship management is a widely implemented strategy in successfully deploying a comprehensive support solution.  ACP is specifically designed to be at the center of this concept.  It is based on efficient database technology to organize and automate principal support activities and continuously build a personalized knowledge-base for each customer’s Atipa cluster.  The overall goals are to track all the ins and outs of support during the lifetime of Atipa cluster, and easily find solutions to resolve issues quickly.  In addition, ACP will assist and nurture the customer’s current and future technical personnel to quickly get up-to-date on the technical history and administration of their Atipa clusters.  For more information, please contact

About Atipa Technologies

Atipa Technologies has been providing end-to-end clustering solutions in hardware and software since 2001.  Our research and development team continuously and meticulously evaluates reliability, stability, and real-world performance of new technologies.  Atipa HPC engineers rigorously subject every system to strenuous tests and validate application performance to deliver a system that can be trusted to be mature and optimized when arriving at your door.  Atipa is committed to delivering strong, reliable, out-of-the-box clustering solutions using the latest technology at affordable prices.

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