May 10, 2013

Internet2 Awards Program Seeks Innovative Applications

Tiffany Trader

Internet2, together with Juniper Networks, Ciena and Brocade, have announced the 2013 Innovative Application Awards program. The partners are sponsoring cash awards for the best open-source end-user applications that employ OpenFlow-enabled software defined networking (SDN) standards like those found on the Internet2 network.

While the exact amount of the awards has yet to be finalized, the total sum is expected to reach upwards of $10,000 with 20 percent awarded off-the-top for selected proposals. Campuses may also contribute additional matching funds. The program is open to individuals and small groups who meet the program guidelines.

The purpose of the awards program is to inspire innovative software that can leverage Internet2’s Advanced Layer 2 Service and take full advantage of the the platform’s SDN and 100G capabilities. The organizers are specifically looking for “applications that improve data movement across 100G OpenFlow-enabled networks, and proposals that have a clear path to scale for widespread use, perhaps by leveraging existing widely deployed software frameworks.”

“The new Internet2 Network can advance global research collaboration in previously unimaginable ways,” said Rob Vietzke, vice president of Network Services, Internet2. “Leveraging our new 100G, SDN-enabled network, we’re on the hunt for the most innovative applications that help to accelerate and transform discovery in big data sciences.”

Applications are due by June 7, 2013. Further information is available here.

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