September 4, 2013

HPC Helps Power Industry React Quickly

Nicole Hemsoth

HPC continues to make inroads into industry and power generation companies are among the industrial users experiencing the advantages offered by HPC technologies. Steve Pavlosky of GE Intelligent Platforms believes that HPC can be the competitive edge that power generation companies are looking for.

In the video below Pavlosky explains how high-performance computing technology helps users in the power industry, where changes happen very fast. Whether it’s changes in demand or a power failure, the control system has to be able to react very quickly.

“High performance computing enables a power industry customer to either protect their asset or react to changes in their environment on a much more rapid basis,” says Pavloskey. “If they weren’t using high-performance computing technology, they would perhaps experience extra downtime, they would not be able to switch over from incoming grid power to backup generation as quickly as possible and by experiencing that downtime that costs them money.”

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