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March 10, 2014

A Large Memory System for Free

Do you have an application would run faster if it could use high speed memory rather than disk?  Did you ever want to run an application that needed more memory than your current server supports?

ScaleMP has the answer. vSMP Foundation Free allows you to create a virtual system that seamlessly addresses up to 1 Terabyte (TB) of memory, aggregated from adjacent systems – and the best news – it is free !  A simple registration process and easy download allow you to connect up to 8 servers to create a 1 TB virtual machine for free.  Yes, you have to already have the servers, but by installing vSMP Foundation Free allows you can:

  • Keep an entire database in memory:

There is no need to break up your database into multiple chunks.  Using a large memory system, your entire database can remain in memory.

  • Make quicker decisions by investigating more data.  i.e.  Big Data:

 When more and varied data is kept in memory, better decisions can be made by analyzing more complete data.

  • Work on more complete genomics information:

 As Next Gen Sequencers produce more information than ever before, having a system that can handle this massive amount of data in critical in all workflows.

  • Simulate larger MCAE models by using more memory for the model and temporary I/O:

 With a large memory system, higher fidelity models can be analyzed as well as faster execution by storing temporary information in memory, rather than relying on slower hard disk drives or flash memory.

  • Run larger research projects with more complete physics:

Large memory systems allow you to simulate more physics in many application domains.

Ask yourself:

  • What would happen if could fit more of your data in-memory ?
  • How would your insights be different ?
  • Would you make different decisions ?

Let’s look a quick example.  Your database is about 1 TB in size. If you have 8 servers available, each with only 128 GB of memory, you would have to divide up your database into 8 smaller chunks, each at about 1/8 of the total. However, by aggregating the 8 servers into one system, the entire 1 TB database could be loaded into memory and queries made on the entire amount of data.

Figure 1 below graphically shows how a large memory solution would be created.  The first server with its I/O,CPUs, and memory, together with memory from other nodes are available for the application – just like it was a single machine.  In fact, it is a single machine. Note that only one operating system is installed.

ScaleMP Large Memory Solution Diagram

Figure 1 – Large Memory Solution Diagram

In summary, a large memory system can be created for free, with vSMP Foundation Free. Up to 8 servers and 1 TB of memory can be presented to the application.

Visit for more information about vSMP Foundation Free and get started NOW.

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