2022 Readers’ & Editors’ Choice Awards – Best Use of HPC in Financial Services

Best Use of HPC in Financial Services

Readers’ Choice Awards

BNP Paribas teamed with atNorth and Dell Technologies to responsibly expand and future-proof its HPC infrastructure by moving some of its HPC server farms to atNorth’s site in Iceland. The cooler climate and abundance of renewable energy, combined with the more power-efficient HPC systems, helped BNP reduce its energy usage by 50%, decrease its CO2 output by 85%, and transition the bank to using 100% renewable energy.

Editors’ Choice Awards

Riskfuel, a startup developing fast derivatives models based on artificial intelligence, is using Microsoft Azure GPU-based virtual machine instances to accelerate its workloads. Running its Riskfuel-accelerated model on Azure ND40rs_v2 (NDv2-Series) virtual machine instance, there was a more than 28,000,000x improvement versus traditional CPU-driven methods.

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