2023 Readers’ & Editors’ Choice Awards – Best HPC Response to Societal Plight

Best HPC Response to
Societal Plight

Readers’ Choice Awards

The National Center for Meteorology of Saudi Arabia (NCMSA) led a team comprised of scientists from University of Connecticut, WeMet P.C. and Lenovo to develop and implement a weather prediction system that handles both precipitation and dust storms. In one case, the system gave one-day advanced warning with highly detailed accuracy, providing time to prepare and reduce fatalities.

Editors’ Choice Awards

The African Centers of Excellence (ACE) in Bioinformatics and Data-Intensive Science program, in collaboration with NIAID and partners, offers graduate programs in Bioinformatics and HPC infrastructure, empowering scientists to develop new treatments for infectious diseases and to serve as the front line defense against emerging infectious diseases in the African region.

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