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Submitting Editorial to HPCwire

HPCwire, a publication of Tabor Communications, Inc., welcomes submissions of original feature articles and other editorial content from members of the HPC community.

To start the process, please send an inquiry with a brief abstract of your proposed submission to the editor listed below. We will let you know promptly if your proposed article or other content is suitable for our audience and provide additional guidelines if necessary. While successful submission does not guarantee publication, we make every attempt to publish accepted editorial in a timely fashion.

Submission guidelines:

    • Article length: 800 to 1,500 words.
    • Articles typically focus on real-world applications (i.e., “case studies” or “customer success stories”), advancements in technology, market trends and research, or insightful commentary.
    • Relevant graphics that enhance the message of your article – e.g. screen shots, workplace photographs, etc. – are a definite plus.
    • Please, no sales pitches, vendor-specific jargon, product verbiage, or any form of advertising.
    • We welcome bylined articles from vendor executives, end-users, researchers and academics.
    • Please include a short bio and contact information with your submission, as well as an optional author photo.
    • Copy accepted for publication becomes the exclusive property of Tabor Communications, Inc. Reprinting or republication must have prior approval from TCI and include notification that it was “reprinted with permission from HPCwire.”

For any inquiries regarding your submission: [email protected].

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Tiffany Trader

Managing Editor, HPCwire

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