HPCwire Custom Reprints

HPCwire Custom Reprints: Turn great press into great marketing!

Use HPCwire Custom Reprints to:

    • Add credibility to sales literature
    • Create instant buzz at trade shows
    • Boost your direct mail results
    • Maximize your press exposure
    • Increase investor confidence
    • Enhance your company image
    • Educate customers and prospects and much more!

HPCwire is highly regarded in the industry lending impressive credibility to any press coverage you get. Custom reprints of that coverage can provide you with a powerful, cost-effective, and flexible marketing tool to maximize your exposure to the people who matter most.

There are an endless number of ways you can integrate them into your current marketing, advertising, and communications programs…

    • Include reprints with sales literature and proposals to add third-party credibility.
    • Hand out articles at trade shows to create instant buzz
    • Turn company profiles into cost-effective inserts to boost direct mail results.
    • Maximize your exposure with feature articles in media kits and PR materials.
    • Send management interviews with annual reports to increase investor confidence.
    • Add relevance to educational materials with published market information.
    • Offer free editorial content to prospects to generate qualified sales leads.
    • Save valuable time using reprints as training and recruitment literature.
    • Provide favorable product reviews at point of purchase to educate customers.
    • Add interest to inquiry fulfillment, distributor mailings, seminar kits, and more.

For more information, contact:

The YGS Group
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 800-290-5460

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