Accelerating Research Innovation with Qumulo’s File Data Platform

Large-scale scientific research labs and academic institutions are utilizing high performance computing to accelerate sequencing, simulations, and analytics for research, learning, and discovery. File data volumes are growing rapidly, and the need for collaboration between research communities is now more important than ever.

Legacy storage systems make it difficult for organizations to manage rapid growth, enable collaboration, or leverage cloud environments especially with large data sets used within multi-protocol environments.

The world’s largest research facilities trust Qumulo’s file data platform to help them address today’s file data requirements, on-prem and in the cloud. Qumulo helps our customers to accelerate research and innovation, to gain faster results and take on new projects.

Join Jed Krisch from the Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC, to learn why the University selected Qumulo’s file data platform to support its growing number of researchers, university students and faculty. This presentation also includes a demonstration and comments by Keith Nargi, Field CTO for the Americas and Molly Presley, Product Marketing Leader at Qumulo.

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