Adaptive HPC Cluster Optimizes Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Workloads

Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is an important tool in predictive medicine and genomic analysis. NGS is a form of DNA sequencing that analyzes individual strands of DNA simultaneously, to analyze DNA at a much faster rate than other methods.

This paper describes how solutions by Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), Qumulo and Intel provide pre-validated custom hardware and management tools for use in medical solutions such as NGS. QCT and integrated Qumulo storage can handle unique NGS storage requirements while Intel solutions meet processing needs.

QCT is working with WASAI, who specializes in Big Data acceleration. WASAI provides a revolutionary solution to DNA and NGS problems through its WASAI-Lightning™ accelerators. The QCT QPM, Qumolo, Intel and WASAI solution provides the infrastructure and data management tools needed to meet the processing and storage requirements of NGS and DNA sequencing.

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