Author » George Leopold

George Leopold has written about science and technology for more than 25 years, focusing on electronics and aerospace technology. He previously served as Executive Editor for Electronic Engineering Times.

The Case for ‘Inexactness’ in Supercomputing

Oct 6, 2015 |

Scientific computing must become less rigid and power hungry as researchers seek new ways to model and understand the real world, a climatologist argues.

In a commentary published this week in the journal Nature, climate researcher Tim Palmer asserted that “we should question whether all scientific computations need to be performed deterministically — that is, always producing the same output given the same input — and with the same high level of precision. Read more…

IEEE Group Seeks to Reinvent Computing as Scaling Stalls

May 6, 2015 |

Computer scientists worried about the end of computing as we know it have been banging heads for several years looking for ways to return to the historical exponential scaling of computer performance. What is needed, say the proponents of an initiative called “Rebooting Computing,” is nothing less than a radical rethinking of how computers are designed in order to achieve the trifecta of greater performance, lower power consumption and “baking security in from the start.” Read more…