Crossing the HPC chasm to AI and Deep Learning with IBM Spectrum Computing

IBM recently announced new software to deliver faster time to insights for AI, deep learning, high performance computing and data analytics, based on the same technology that is being deployed for the Department of Energy CORAL supercomputer at Oak Ridge and Lawrence Livermore national labs.

The lineup consists of IBM® Spectrum Conductor Deep Learning Impact, an end-to-end solution for managing deep learning workflows, IBM Spectrum LSF Suites, a tightly integrated solution for HPC that combines powerful workload management with ease of use, and IBM Spectrum Scale™, which provides advanced storage management for data at scale with the distinctive ability to perform archive and analytics in place.

IBM Spectrum Computing helps speed the adoption and production of parallel and clustered computing, redefining your data center by:

  • Simplifying deployment and management
  • Delivering AI to the enterprise
  • Easing adoption of cognitive workloads
  • Providing elasticity to hybrid cloud
  • Being open to the latest technology

To learn more register to watch the webcast “Crossing the HPC Chasm to AI and Deep Learning with IBM Spectrum Computing” on demand.

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