Data Center File System

Quobyte software storage has its roots in an open source project that was created by company founders as part of their PhD work. A fundamental aspect of this early research was a focus on distributed systems. Only after solving the challenges of building a fault-tolerant, fully distributed system—one that scales linearly and remains manageable even with thousands of nodes—did they turn their attention towards creating a powerful and equally scalable file system. This unique product evolution sets Quobyte software apart from nearly all other software storage solutions in the marketplace, and it’s why Quobyte customers can be confident they will never outgrow the product.

After leaving university two of the company’s founders went to work for Google where they learned what “management at scale” truly means. The founders applied the lessons learned to their own company, the result being Quobyte engineers understands large, complex systems. They recognize the need for storage products that can deliver fault tolerance, automatically handle disk and node failures, and unburden administrators tasked with managing such installations.

In all, there are more than 10 years of development behind the product, making it truly one of the most mature software storage products today.

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