DNN Training Appliance

The demands of enterprises to build AI enabled products and services continue to grow rapidly. Development and deployment of these AI capable products and services requires the set-up and training of a DNN model. To build and train this model, developers will need to go through many steps, such as dataset collection, conversion, labeling, model selection, training and evaluation. All steps need different tools and settings that require a large amount of time and effort. GIGABYTE’s DNN Training Appliance aims to reduce this headache with a complete training and management platform featuring a web-browser based interface. Users can import, convert and manage their dataset; design, train and evaluate their different DNN models; and test trained models with inferencing. Built on GIGABYTE’s G481-HA1 single root server with up to 8 GPUs, the Appliance is fully optimized to reduce DNN training time and improve accuracy.

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