Dr. Stephen Wheat

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Dr. Stephen Wheat

Dr. Stephen Wheat
Senior Director
Intel High Performance Computing
Platform, Intel

Within Intel’s HPC Business Unit, comprised of an elite group of extremely talented individuals, no one better exemplifies professional excellence than Dr. Stephen Wheat. Wheat’s interest of late however, has been in fueling the Alliance for High Performance Digital Manufacturing (AHPDM) effort, working in conjunction with the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS). Wheat’s ultimate goal is to help accelerate the U.S. economic recovery by bringing HPC to the masses, by no means a small task.

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Referred to as the “missing middle”, these are the hundreds of thousands of American mid-size manufacturers looking to leverage HPC applications and resources as the transforming technology that propels them into the era of digital manufacturing, revitalizing the economy and creating new jobs.

As Senior Director for the HPC Worldwide Business Operations directorate within Intel’s HPC Business Unit, Dr. Wheat drives the development of Intel’s HPC strategy and the pursuit of that strategy through platform architecture, eco-system development and collaborations. While in this role, Wheat has influenced the deployment of several Top10 systems and even more Top500 HPC systems.

Wheat possesses a depth of knowledge and breadth of experience that gives him a unique perspective in understanding large-scale HPC deployments. He was the Advanced Development manager for the Storage Components Division, the manager of the RAID Products Development group, the manager of the Workstation Products Group software and validation groups, and manager of the Supercomputing Systems Division (SSD) operating systems software group. At SSD, he was a Product Line Architect and was the systems software architect for the ASCI Red system.

Before joining Intel in 1995, Wheat worked for Sandia National Laboratories performing leading research in distributed systems software, where he created and led the SUNMOS and PUMA/Cougar programs. A 1994 Gordon Bell Prize winner, Dr. Wheat has also been awarded Intel’s prestigious Achievement Award and was a top pick for our HPCwire People to Watch List in 2006. He has a patent in Dynamic Load Balancing in HPC systems.

Dr. Wheat holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and has several publications on the subjects of load balancing, inter-process communication, and parallel I/O in large-scale HPC systems. On a personal note, Wheat is also a commercial multi-engine pilot and a FAA certified multi-engine, instrument flight instructor.

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