Drive Innovation to the Edge with a NetApp High-Performance Computing Solution

From cars to office buildings to homes, televisions, and kitchen appliances—everything in our modern, daily lives is becoming smarter. The key to all this intelligence is data. The more data, the better the intelligence.

While mountains of data enhance the customer experience, managing and applying artificial intelligence to ever-growing data stores is a huge challenge for many organizations. Investing in massive compute farms that are required only a couple of months each year can be an overwhelming expense. To continue driving innovation, these organizations are turning to the cloud for fast, affordable compute power. But what about all the data?

Because data for smart devices is collected through the Internet of Things at the edge of the cloud, it only makes sense to store it at the edge. You can use any cloud provider you choose without the time and expense of moving your data—and you maintain complete control over it.

Download this paper to learn how NetApp E-Series high-performance storage solutions for edge computing provide the speed, reliability, simplicity, scalability, and cost efficiency needed to drive innovation to edge.

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