Enable Deep Learning at the Edge with Eurotech Mobile High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) Systems

Autonomous driving is classified according to the level of human interaction required and ranges from Level 0 (no automation) to Level 5 (full automation). Level 5 autonomy essentially means no human control over the vehicle beyond requesting a destination. All human interfaces (i.e. steering wheel, brake and acceleration pedals, etc.) are removed and the vehicle makes the complex decisions of trip planning, maneuvering in heavy traffic, and interacting safely with pedestrians.

Enabling Level 5 Autonomous Driving imposes unprecedented challenges beyond what traditional embedded technologies can address. Computational performance, storage capacity and network bandwidth requirements are orders of magnitude above what is generally available in mobile embedded environments with harsh conditions typical of automotive, defense and many industrial applications.

With extensive experience in the design and deployment of rugged embedded computing products as well as HPC solutions, Eurotech has created a portfolio of High Performance Embedded Computing (HPEC) systems that can be employed as “mobile data centers,” — bringing world-class data center performance and capabilities to the Edge.

Download this paper to learn how Eurotech HPEC systems advance Level 5 Autonomous Driving and other data, compute and network-intensive Deep Learning applications.

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