Fabio Gallo

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Fabio Gallo

Fabio Gallo
Vice President and General Manager
Bull Extreme Computing Solutions

Fabio is a long time EMEA HPC’er — IBM, SGI, Linux Networx, and Scali — and now Bull. Up until recently, Bull played only in France and not so much in HPC. Fabio has spearheaded some key acquisitions and has launched a strong HPC offering with the recently announced “bullx” — all within the past 18 months.

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Fabio Gallo was previously Vice-President, responsible for Sales Development for Europe and the Middle East at Scali, a company specializing in middleware for networked HPC solutions.

Before this, Fabio Gallo had a number of roles with significant responsibility at IBM, SGI and most recently Linux Networx Inc. where he was Vice-President for the European and Middle Eastern business activities. In this role, he successfully increased revenues by a factor of five in just three years, to the point where they accounted for 25% of the organization’s turnover.

Fabio Gallo brings significant experience of the world’s most powerful supercomputers to Bull. He has in-depth expertise in HPC solutions for industry; an area where Bull has ambitious targets for growth.

Fabio Gallo (49) holds a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome.

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