Five Essential Strategies for Successful HPC Clusters

Business demands, and the availability of new technology continue to change the way that organizations build and manage high-performance clusters. IT Organizations everywhere are continuously searching for creative cluster management solutions that drive innovation faster than their competition. Many organizations have even considered the option of building their own cluster management solution rather than using commercial software, seeing this as a potential cost-saving alternative. However, building a cluster manager is rife with unforeseen variables and often yields zero strategic value to the business.

If your business is looking for a legitimate, enterprise-class cluster management solution that will maximize utilization across your entire stack, look no further. Bright Computing is the world’s leading independent provider of enterprise-class management software for clustered IT infrastructure. Bright Cluster Manager allows for HPC clusters to be easily created, monitored, and maintained using a single comprehensive user interface, maximizing administrator productivity and business agility.

Download the whitepaper: Five Essential Strategies for Successful HPC Clusters to gain insight into the essential strategies and guidelines for effectively building and managing an HPC cluster, and learn more about how Bright Computing can help!

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