High-Availability Data Centers: Addressing a strategic and economic challenge on a global scale

With the total amount of data circulating on the internet set to increase eight fold by 2025, data centre growth continues exponentially to meet demand.

This however is a highly competitive market and for any individual data centre to succeed it must guarantee the highest levels of availability, not only to deliver flawless service continuity for its customers, but also to both safeguard and boost its reputation. For example, the uptime target for a Tier 4 data centre is a demanding 99.995% which allows for just 25 minutes of downtime per year.

This White Paper from Stäubli discusses the numerous challenges faced by data centres and how the company’s compact and leak free quick change connector technology plays a key role in maintaining the integrity of the essential cooling circuits, preventing overheating, reducing hot swapping times and ultimately maximising uptime and productivity.

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