Do-It-Yourself HPC: How the Cloud Democratizes HPC and Public Data for Researchers

Webinar - Do-It-Yourself HPC

Creating the right technology environment is a time-consuming task for researchers who want to focus on science (not servers or long wait times at supercomputing centers). What if researchers could access a supercomputer in minutes, pay only for the IT they used, and turn it all off when they went home at night? That’s what do-it-yourself HPC in the cloud is all about.Webinar Presenter

Join this webinar event moderated by HPCwire’s John Russell, to learn how researchers tackle HPC challenges without the hassles of building and owning IT infrastructure, all by turning to the cloud. You’ll learn: :

  • How to quickly scale your own HPC set up without burdening your IT staff
  • How to cut the time it takes to perform complex data analysis from months to weeks to even a few days using the cloud
  • How to reduce research costs by running complex jobs off hours, preserving grant budgets for experimentation and analysis
  • Best practices to augment on-campus research data center capacity without interrupting existing HPC projects
  • How to access science-ready HPC applications and Public Data sets for: genomics and life sciences, earth science, high-energy physics, social sciences and other fields.
  • How to get started in the cloud and run your own HPC cluster within minutes

This webinar is produced by HPCwire and co-sponsored by AWS and Intel.

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