Intel® Processor Selection for Ansys Mechanical and Fluent Workloads

Selecting the correct Intel processor family and processor model number to run Ansys® Fluent® and Ansys® Mechanical® workloads is a critical design decision that directly impacts the cost and benefits of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) efforts. To assist customers, Ansys collaborated with Intel and with MVConcept to measure the performance of select Intel Xeon Scalable processor families using both single and multi-node Ansys Fluent and Ansys Mechanical official benchmarks spanning a range of size regimes and solvers. The performance results reflect the complex relationship between computational efficiency, processor core count, core frequency and memory bandwidth.

Given the nature of Ansys workloads and licenses, this white paper examines the requirements of high-performance computing to balance the efficiency of the processor core against the bandwidth of the memory subsystem.

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