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HPC Illuminations Pavilion Tour at SC23

HPCwire’s Doug Eadline visits the SC23 HPC Illuminations Pavilion and interviews six projects that have been boosted by SC23. The Illuminations Pavilion features important yet under-represented projects from Brazil, Puerto Rico, India, South Africa, and the United States.

Todd Gamblin Introduces the High-Performance Software Foundation

Todd Gamblin of LLNL and creator of the Spack project and Christian Trott of Sandia Labs talk about the path to establish the High-Performance Software Foundation (HPSF) as an umbrella organization under the Linux Foundation. Todd and Christian present their rationale for the HPSF and how projects can join the effort to make HPC software more interoperable for end users.

Leslie Cook Shares Her WHPC Path to SC23

HPCwire’s Doug Eadline learns about the path Leslie Cook — a computer science graduate student at Midwestern State University — took to get to SC23. Leslie describes her first computer science course, working as an intern at ORNL, and presenting her paper, Linear Solvers for Power Grid Analysis with Exascale Computing, this year at SC. Leslie also mentions how the help and support provided by Women in HPC was an important part of beginning her HPC journey.

SC23 RISC-V News with Tactical’s John Leidel

John Leidel of Tactical Computing Laboratories provides important updates on RISC-V developments for Linux and HPC. He notes that in addition to running Infinband with RISC-V, they have successfully built and run many HPC applications with the currently available software tooling. Origin Story and Open Grid with Alan Sill

HPCwire’s Doug Eadline talks with Allen Sill, Managing Director of the High-Performance Computing Center at Texas Tech University, about the genesis of, the mastodon alternative to the Twitter (now X) HPC community. In addition, as president of Open Grid Forum, Alan discusses the 25 years of grid growth and use by the HPC community.

News from Jülich Supercomputing Centre with Estella Suarez

Professor Estela Suarez, Senior Scientist in High-Performance Computing (FZJ, Un, Bonn), describes the latest news from the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) in Germany and her role in co-leading the DEEP-SEA project (Dynamical Exascale Entry Platform – Software for Exascale Architectures), a pan-European HPC software project involving 14 partners in seven different countries.

atNorth Talks Renewable Colocation @ ISC 2023

HPCwire’s Oliver Peckham chats with Guy D’Hauwers, vice president for cloud, HPC and AI at atNorth, a sustainable HPC datacenter firm based in the Nordic countries. Topics include emerging trends in HPC energy consumption, how HPC users’ priorities are shifting – and how attitudes may need to shift even more in the future.

HPC Has Found Its Killer App, Says Thomas Sterling

HPC has shaken off its identity crisis propelled by the mega-trend that is AI and machine learning. It’s the killer app, says the inimitable Thomas Sterling, adding “it’s clear that HPC and AI have merged.” In this on-the-floor ISC interview, Sterling contends it’s a great year for HPC and for ISC, which brings the international HPC community together each spring.

Catching Up with Conference Chair Candace Culhane at SC22

HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader sat down with SC22 Chair Candace Culhane at the conference in Dallas to discuss show highlights, including the Turing Prize lecture given by winner Jack Dongarra, the opening SC plenary which drew on the conference theme, “HPC Accelerates,” the new Job Fair, and much more. Find out what surprised Culhane the most about this year’s conference, why she recently got her (second) Master’s degree – in Data Analytics – and what’s in store for SC23 in Denver.

A Vision for Leadership Computing | Dan Stanzione at SC22

Texas Advanced Computing Center Director Dan Stanzione and HPCwire Managing Editor Tiffany Trader met in Dallas to discuss the biggest trends in HPC and the hottest topics of SC22, starting with TACC’s “supercomputing saloon” styled booth. Asked to imagine himself king of HPC for a day, Stanzione shares his insights on composable computing, the risk of HPC getting left behind, the tension between choice and consolidation, and the promise of technologies like HBM and fiber optics. He also provides an update on TACC’s Leadership Class Computing Facility plans.

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Talking Carbon-free HPC with Lancium at SC22

HPCwire’s Oliver Peckham sat down with Andrew Grimshaw and Sanjai Marimadaiah of Lancium Compute at SC22 in Dallas to talk about the company’s innovative approach to sustainable computing: situated among plentiful wind power in west Texas, Lancium’s datacenters will intelligently manage HPC workloads to capture low-cost and negative-cost renewable energy while avoiding more expensive (and less sustainable) fossil fuel energy.

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From Exasperation to Exascale: Frontier’s Untold Story

HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader sits down with Nic Dubé at SC22 in Dallas for a play-by-play of how the Frontier supercomputer achieved its 1.1 exaflops Linpack run. Chief architect at HPE and the technical deployment lead for the Oak Ridge Frontier supercomputer, Dubé developed the power management tool that provided key insights into Frontier, insights which were critical in pushing the machine past the exaflops milestone in time to take the number one spot on the May 2022 Top500 listing. The Frontier supercomputer is a DOE, HPE and AMD collaboration.

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The Evolution of HPC Cloud: Catching Up with Ian Colle

Ahead of SC22 in Dallas last month, HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader met up virtually with Ian Colle, general manager of high performance computing at Amazon Web Services. In this fast-paced interview, Colle walks through the significant HPC investments that Amazon has made since he joined the company five years ago. In addition to covering the AWS technologies that matter most for HPC and AI workflows, they also discuss the ongoing transition from ‘batch” to “interactive” computing, the composability aspects of cloud computing, and Amazon’s vision for quantum computing.

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Exclusive Inside Look at First US Exascale Supercomputer

HPCwire takes you inside the Frontier datacenter at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) with Project Director Justin Whitt. The first supercomputer to surpass 1 exaflops on the Linpack benchmark, Frontier – an HPE/AMD/ORNL collaboration – will enable scientists to develop new technologies for energy, medicine, and materials. In this exclusive interview, Whitt shares what it was like to stand up an exascale supercomputer, covering the system details, the power and cooling requirements, and the path to enabling groundbreaking science.

HPCwire Talks Exascale with Doug Kothe at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader interviews Doug Kothe, newly named Associate Laboratory Director, Computing and Computational Sciences Directorate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Director of the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) since 2017. On the heels of Frontier’s crowning exascale achievement, the two met in Kothe’s office to discuss the significance of crossing the exaflops threshold, the first applications that will run on Frontier, the status of the ECP and what the next milestones will be.

ISC Leadership Discuss Show Highlights and the Return to Hamburg

HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader interviews ISC 2022 Program Chair Keren Bergman, ISC 2022 Deputy Chair John Shalf, and Nages Sieslack (marketing communications manager for ISC) in Hamburg. They cover show highlights, what it’s like being back in Hamburg and major HPC trends — including composability, photonics and European supercomputing.

Anders Jensen on the Future of EuroHPC

HPCwire’s Oliver Peckham talks to Anders Jensen, Executive Director of the EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, about EuroHPC’s first eight systems (including the recently launched LUMI and the long-awaited MareNostrum 5) and what’s next: exascale, quantum computing and more.

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Catching up with Nvidia’s Gilad Shainer at ISC 2022

HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader interviews Gilad Shainer, senior vice president of networking at Nvidia, and long-time champion of network offloading. They discuss Nvidia’s networking strategy, the BlueField DPU roadmap and the ins and outs of “in-network computing.”

Fujitsu Global CTO Talks Strategy and Roadmap

HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader sits down with Vivek Mahajan, senior executive vice president and global CTO at Fujitsu, at ISC 2022 to discuss the company’s technology strategy and engagements with quantum computing and compute-as-a-service. With sustainability a major guidepost for the company, the successor to Fujitsu’s A64FX Arm CPU — Fujitsu-MONAKA — is on track to be 10x times more power-efficient, according to Mahajan.

Catching Up with Jack Dongarra at SC21

HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader interviews Top500 Author and SC21 Keynote Chair Jack Dongarra in St. Louis. They discuss this year’s SC program highlights, the latest Top500 rankings including the missing Chinese systems, and Jack’s plans for 2022 and beyond. Only here will you get the inside stories about Viking Helmuts, Prince, and the global exascale landscape.

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Raja Koduri and Satoshi Matsuoka in Conversation at SC21

HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader sits down with Raja Koduri (Intel HPC and graphics chief) and Satoshi Matsuoka (Director of RIKEN Center for Computational Science, home of the number-one Fugaku supercomputer) in St. Louis for an off-the-cuff conversation. They share their SC21 experience, wax poetic on what comes after exascale, and explain why they are collaborating.

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Green500 Champion Preferred Networks Details Winning System at SC21

HPCwire’s Oliver Peckham talks to Yusuke Doi, vice president of computing infrastructure at Preferred Networks, in St. Louis, covering the company’s Green500 champion MN-3, business strategies for new hardware and what’s next for the ultra-efficient newcomer.

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SiPearl Talks Strategy and Partners at SC21

HPCwire’s Tiffany Trader interviews SiPearl’s Craig Prunty in St. Louis. They discuss SiPearl’s role in developing foundational European exascale technology, recently announced partnerships with Intel and Graphcore and what’s ahead for the French company.

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