Managing TCO in Hybrid Cloud Environments

Enabled by improvements in security, new instance types, and fast interconnects, high-performance computing (HPC) users are increasingly shifting workloads to the cloud. With cloud usage increasing, however, managing and containing costs is a growing concern. As organizations become more reliant on cloud, they are also concerned with staying portable and flexible, and avoiding lock-in to a single cloud ecosystem or provider.

In this paper, we make a case for HPC hybrid cloud and explain how operators can manage total cost of ownership (TCO) more effectively. We present a simple TCO model that can help users estimate the cost of hybrid cloud deployments and describe various Altair solutions that can help organizations quickly and cost-effectively implement private and hybrid multi-cloud HPC environments. Using our TCO model, we illustrate how Altair cloud automation and spend management solutions such as Altair® Control™ and Altair® NavOps® can boost productivity and reduce cloud-related expenses while delivering a compelling return on investment (ROI).

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