Masahiko Yamada

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Masahiko Yamada

Masahiko Yamada
President of Technical Computing Solutions Unit, Fujitsu

Mr. Yamada is widely recognized as one of the industry-leading forces behind bringing the K computer into the much coveted number one slot on the TOP500 list, not once, but twice in 2011. It will be interesting to see what Yamada has in the works for the K computer this year in order to retain its TOP500 crown in 2012.

Yamada’s primary role is leading the next generation technical computing solutions business innovation of Fujitsu. Actively engaged in a number of projects worldwide, he is the driving force behind enabling sophisticated social infrastructure systems through some of the most advanced technologies available today, including high performance computing.

In particular, he works closely with institutions such as the Japan Meteorological Agency that delivers weather forecast, as well as earthquake alert across the country, and the Nuclear Safety Technology Center that delivers SPEEDI (System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information). After the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, his works supported the severely devastated regions by helping them to continually provide accurate weather and earthquake information. He is also engaged in disaster and environment monitoring systems in Asia using advanced satellite systems.

Yamada’s work with the advanced research institution in Singapore is now contributing to life science related research and development, through providing the largest high-performance computing facility in South East Asia region. He is also working with major universities and government institutions engaged in building high-performance computing capabilities in Wales, aiming to deliver economic growth of the region of the UK.

Yamada strongly believes in the importance of genuine and long-term relationship with business partners, and is deeply interested in shaping the future of social infrastructure system through integrating it with state-of-the-art high-performance computing enabled simulation technologies. His long-term goal is to help mankind by making society more prosperous and healthy around the world with the high performance computing solutions. Yamada holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Tohoku University.

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