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Webinar: Do-It-Yourself HPC: How the Cloud Democratizes HPC and Public Data for Researchers

Jun 2, 2016

Creating the right technology environment is a time-consuming task for researchers who want to focus on science (not servers or long wait times at supercomputing centers). What if researchers could access a supercomputer in minutes, pay only for the IT they used, and turn it all off when they went home at night? That’s what do-it-yourself HPC in the cloud is all about.

Join Dr. Jeffrey Layton, HPC Lead at AWS in this webinar event to learn how researchers tackle HPC challenges without the hassles of building and owning IT infrastructure, all by turning to the cloud.

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Webcast: Wall Street Insights: Transforming IT to Meet 21st Century Banking Demands

Oct 12, 2015

Tougher regulations, mobile technology and fraud are key factors driving a data explosion and shift to “real time” banking. Learn how leading Wall Street firms like The CME Group are dealing with this challenge.

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Webinar: Extending the Data Center to the Cloud

Oct 9, 2014

Join NetApp and Sungard Availability Services (Sungard AS) to learn how your enterprise can start building a solid foundation for hybrid cloud. NetApp’s proven cloud solutions and partnerships with leading service providers like Sungard AS can help you maintain control of your data across any cloud—public, private, or hybrid cloud. Join our panel of experts as they offer their advice on leveraging the efficiencies of NetApp technologies in the cloud. Register now to watch this on-demand at your own convenience.

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Webinar: Leveraging Flash Storage to Accelerate Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oct 1, 2014

Many IT organizations are looking to SSD technology to solve performance issues and improve efficiency for their business-critical applications. Watch this short webinar to gain an understanding of the latest trends, specific applications driving SSD deployments, and the benefits of deploying the Virident FlashMAX Connect software suite to speed up Oracle databases.

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Webinar: Webinar: Revolutionizing Innovation: When HPC Meets Cloud

Apr 30, 2014

Learn how real end-users are utilizing HPC cloud as a cost-effective way to manage limited resources. From building a faster bicycle to the detection of critical disease, HPC cloud is revolutionizing innovation.

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Webcast: On Demand Webcast: Warm Water Cooling Technology for an Energy Efficient Datacenter

Apr 21, 2014

Watch today this webcast where Cray and Mississippi State University shares best practices in choosing a cluster architecture to include  site selection, risk factors and issues impacting TCO.

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Webinar: Powering Research with Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining (KDD)

Mar 11, 2014

Watch this webinar and learn how to develop “future-proof”  advanced computing/storage technology solutions to easily manage large, shared compute resources and very large volumes of data. Focus on the research and the application results, not system and data management.

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Webinar: Breaking I/O Bottlenecks

Nov 26, 2013

Data bottlenecks can form at critical information flow points within an organization’s system architecture, negatively affecting workflow and productivity while needlessly driving up costs. Watch this on-demand webinar, and uncover new ways to deal with old problems that can be improved upon right now.

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Webcast: pNFS: Are We There Yet?

Oct 11, 2013

NFS has been the standard protocol for NAS systems since the 1980s. However, with the explosive growth of Linux clusters running demanding technical computing applications, NFS is no longer sufficient for these big data workloads. After years of development effort, driven by Panasas and others, pNFS is now just around the corner and promises to dramatically improve Linux client I/O performance thanks to its parallel architecture. Watch the on-demand webinar – “pNFS: Are We There Yet?”

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Webcast: Stop losing sleep: Remedies for managing Data Center complexity worries

Oct 11, 2013

Complimentary Webcast! Break free from the database vendors that force you to keep investing in additional skills and hardware to accommodate the inefficiencies of their software. Learn how you can achieve higher DBA efficiency and give your DBAs more time to focus on strategic projects and add more value to your business. Join us to hear best practices and client experiences on reducing both the risk and cost associated with growing Data Center complexity.

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