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August 20, 2014

2014 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing Issues Call for Participation

Aug. 20 — The IEEE Cluster 2014 conference will be held September 22-26, 2014 at the School of Industrial Engineering, UPM.

Clusters have become the workhorse for computational science and engineering research, powering innovation and discovery that advance science and society. They are the base for building today’s rapidly evolving cloud and HPC infrastructures, and are used to solve some of the most complex problems.

Clusters are the base for building today’s rapidly evolving cloud and HPC infrastructure, and are used to solve some of the most complex problems. The challenge to make them scalable, efficient, and more functional requires the common effort of the cluster community in the areas of cluster system design, management and monitoring — at hardware, system, middleware, and application level. The Cluster conference has precisely this goal: to be a major venue for such collective effort.

This year’s conference acknowledges the recent birth of the Big Data phenomenon, strongly reflected in our keynotes and panels:

  • Robert L. Grossman (University of Chicago and Open Data Group) discusses the goal of bringing efficient cluster support to data-intensive computing.
  • Frédéric Desprez (Inria) highlights the challenges posed by accurate, large-scale experimentation, the instruments needed for performing such experiments, and the lessons learned from the Grid’5000 experience in this respect.
  • Dan Stanzione (Texas Advanced Computing Center) discusses open issues related to data analysis and management for the open science community.
  • A first panel addresses the question: will Big Data transform cluster architectures? A second panel discusses the issue of performance evolution: are clusters too powerful for our users?

We are happy to announce a rich, high-quality conference program with 29 research papers accepted out of 122 valid submissions that went through a selective reviewing process (over 450 reviews), resulting in 23.8% acceptance rate. In addition, 16 reviewed posters will be dedicated to promising emergent research directions. The conference also includes two industry sessions with talks from major players with high impact in the area of cluster computing (Bull, Mellanox, Nvidia, ParTec), two workshops, two panels and six tutorials.

A novelty this year is the creation of the Student Mentoring Program. Today’s Master and PhD students are our future colleagues. The future development of cluster, grid and cloud computing falls on their shoulders. The Cluster conference is proud to contribute to their education through a specific mentoring program all along the week.

The Organizing Committee is happy to welcome you to Madrid and hopes you find Cluster 2014 an exciting and intellectually stimulating event!

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What’s Included

Full congress registration fees include: full conference, tutorials, workshops, poster, business lunches stated in program, reception and gala dinner. There is a separate workshops/tutorials only registration.

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