November 19, 2013

Adaptive Computing Introduces Moab Task Manager

Nov. 19 — Adaptive Computing, the company that powers many of the world’s largest private/hybrid cloud and technical computing environments with its Moab optimization and scheduling software, today announced Moab Task Manager, a localized decision-making tool within Moab’s HPC Suite that enables high-speed throughput on short computing jobs.

Capable of running in Moab and TORQUE environments, Moab Task Manager is capable of launching 10 jobs per node per second for up to 100 times faster throughput, all while reducing latency. This results in greater efficiency when executing short jobs, which are very common for today’s workloads, running for a handful of seconds and requesting few resources.

“Moab Task Manager is very valuable to customers who want drastically improved throughput on production clusters that have many small, short-lived, similar jobs,” said David Jackson, Adaptive Computing’s CTO and co-founder. “When pushing a high number of jobs through the system, Moab Task Manager works in unison with Moab to facilitate parallel job scheduling with larger, longer-running jobs.”

Moab Task Manager’s speed results from its capability to incur scheduling overhead only once for a large batch of jobs, instead of once per individual job. Thus, a Moab Task Manager job batch obeys traditional policy and scheduling constraints while preserving Moab’s power and flexibility.

“By taking the bottleneck of launch speed out of the equation and preventing logjams and delays, Moab Task Manager is the software ticket to exascale computing,” added Jackson.

Moab Task Manager can be used on existing clusters with no Moab or TORQUE upgrades or environment modifications. Following its first release, Moab Task Manager will continue to undergo architecture enhancements, including deployments with other scheduling technologies.

Adaptive Computing will be demonstrating Moab Task Manager at Supercomputing 2013 (SC13) in booth No. 3113 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver from November 18-21. Representatives from Adaptive Computing’s management team will also participate on the panel, “Programming and Managing Systems at Scale,” to discuss how refining architectural techniques will provide the necessary foundation to achieve exascale computing.

About Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing powers many of the world’s largest private/hybrid cloud and technical computing environments with its award-winning Moab optimization and scheduling software. Moab enables large enterprises in oil and gas, financial, manufacturing, research and government to perform simulations and analyze Big Data faster, more accurately and most cost effectively. Moab gives enterprises a competitive advantage, inspiring them to develop cancer-curing treatments, discover the origins of the universe, lower energy prices, manufacture better products, improve the economic landscape and pursue game-changing endeavors. Adaptive is a pioneer in private/hybrid cloud, technical computing and large-scale scheduling, holding 30+ patents. Adaptive’s flagship products include:

Moab Cloud Suite for self-optimizing cloud management

Moab HPC Suite for self-optimizing HPC workload management

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Source: Adaptive Computing

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