November 26, 2013

Bright Cluster Manager Utilized by Cherry Creek Supercomputer

Nov. 25 — Bright Computing, the leading, vendor-independent provider of management solutions for clusters and clouds, is proud to announce the role Bright Cluster Manager plays in Intel’s “Cherry Creek” supercomputer, which recently received Top500 and Green500 rankings. The Top500 quantifies performance for HPC, whereas the Green500 ranks systems based on their energy efficiency. Bright accelerates deployment of the Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors in this transportable configuration that maximizes performance for HPC while minimizing energy use.

Bright Cluster Manager provisions, monitors and manages the multicore Intel Xeon processors and many-integrated core (MIC) Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors that collectively make up Cherry Creek’s 10,000 cores. Bright also manages Cherry Creek’s interconnect fabric based on low-latency, high-bandwidth Intel Truscale fabric. Additional Bright-managed software includes the Intel Composer XE 2013 compiler, Intel MKL library and Intel MPI. Bright integrates workload-management capabilities so that applications take advantage of the native and offload execution models presented by Cherry Creek’s neo-heterogeneous architecture – a heterogeneous system with a single programming model. Finally, Bright collects metrics and executes health checks to ensure Cherry Creek performs according to its theoretical peak performance of almost 200 TFlops/s.
“Cherry Creek presented the opportunity to demonstrate neo-heterogeneous architecture’s ability to deliver TOP500 class performance to researchers, engineers, and scientists quickly and efficiently” said Hugo Saleh, Director of Marketing, Intel Technical Computing Group, “Bright Computing, with their Bright Cluster Manager, significantly accelerated deployment of the Cherry Creek cluster by providing unified software management for both Intel Xeon processors and Intel Xeon Phi coprocessors.”

“Bright Computing works closely with Intel to support its ecosystem of hardware and software on an ongoing basis,” stated Bright Computing CEO Dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen. “This collaboration raises awareness of both company’s offerings. We are delighted that Bright Cluster Manager accelerated Intel’s efforts, and congratulate them on achieving impressive Top500 and Green500 rankings with Cherry Creek.”

Intel Data Center Demos designed Cherry Creek and contracted Supermicro to manufacture it. Cherry Creek ranked 400th on the 42nd edition of the Top500 list based on a Linpack performance of 131.5 TFlop/s. According to Intel: “Within a year after the introduction of Intel’s first Many Core Architecture product, Intel Xeon Phi coprocessor-based systems already make up 18 percent of the aggregated performance of all Top500 supercomputers.” Cherry Creek’s Green500 ranking of 41 is based on its power consumption of 74 kW.

Cherry Creek was present in the Intel booth at SC13.

About Bright Computing

Bright Computing specializes in management software for on-premise HPC, Hadoop, storage, database and workstation clusters, as well as the seamless extension of these clusters into the cloud. Its flagship product — Bright Cluster Manager — with its intuitive graphical user interface and powerful cluster management shell, makes clusters of any size easy to install, use and manage, including systems combining processors with accelerators (e.g., NVIDIA GPUs) or coprocessors (e.g., Intel Xeon Phi). Bright’s minimal footprint enables systems to be utilized to their maximum potential, from departmental Hadoop clusters to large-scale supercomputers. Bright Computing partners include Amazon, Cisco, Cray and Dell, while Boeing, ING Bank, NASA, Roche, Saudi Aramco plus Stanford University and Tokyo Institute of Technology are examples of Bright customers. Bright Computing is a Red Herring 2013 Top 100 North America Award winner, the Deloitte Technology Fast50 “Rising Star 2013” Award winner, the Main Software 50 “Highest Growth” Award winner, and Bright Cluster Manager was a “Best of Show Award” winner at Bio-IT World 2013.


Source: Bright Computing

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