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March 12, 2014

Convergent Science Adopts Allinea DDT

MIDDLETON, Wis., March 12 — Convergent Science, Inc. (CSI) is a world leader in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software. Their development teams focus on speed, precision and simplifying their workflows to get to market before competitors and keep customers happy – Allinea DDT plays a big role in achieving this.

“Adopting Allinea Software’s debugging tool, Allinea DDT, has transformed how quickly Convergent Science, Inc. can develop new products and upgrades,” said Mandhapati Raju, Principal Engineer at Convergent Science, Inc.

CSI is rapidly expanding into many new areas, where fast and accurate analysis of complex geometries is the key to success. To ensure code is delivered ready to run on large clusters, CSI runs multiple Allinea DDT workstations in its office, where developers can clear up issues as they work.

“Allinea’s tools fit perfectly with our philosophy: they’re fast, effective and straightforward to use,” says Rob Kaczmarek, Director of Sales and Marketing at Convergent Science, Inc.

In order to meet the consumer demand of ever faster applications, CSI needs to find and fix bugs quickly. Having Allinea DDT in its toolkit ensures it can be confident when releasing products to market.

Raju said, “Allinea DDT even finds bugs that other debuggers have just missed. And it’s so easy to use that we can put new developers onto it straight away – they really value the intuitive interface,” he says.

David Lecomber, CEO of Allinea Software said, “CSI are shifting the paradigm toward predictive CFD and revolutionizing the industry. We’re proud to be part of that journey and to see our scalable debugging tool, Allinea DDT, helping them develop faster and more accurately than ever before.”

Read a case study with Convergent Science, Inc. on Allinea Software’s website.

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