December 10, 2013

DataCAD Announces Availability of DXFCALCS Suite 2014

Dec. 10 — DataCAD Software & Services GmbH has announced the availability of DXFCALCS Suite 2014, a collection of three robust applications that enable CAD users to solve a wide range of engineering and design challenges with unprecedented ease, speed, and accuracy.

GrafiCalc Elements 7.0 enables users to conceptualize, analyze, and solve day-to-day engineering design challenges while making informed decisions.

ToleranceCalc 6.0 is breakthrough software that makes 1D/2D tolerance stack-up analysis of parts and assemblies in any CAD application as easy as spell checking.

SectionCalc 4.0 is a software wizard that enables users to simultaneously calculate all vital section properties of any CAD cross-section in one easy step.

“We are pleased to offer DXFCALCS Suite 2014, the calculation software, to our customers,” says Ulrich Oehler, CEO of DataCAD. “It automates important engineering calculations, tolerance analysis and the calculation of section properties, which must be done before construction. The software suite is reasonably priced and technically an enrichment for our portfolio.”

About DataCAD Software & Services GmbH

DataCAD Software & Service GmbH, founded in 1998, is one of the leading suppliers of technical software solutions for the industry. Company objective is to provide affordable software for a range of different industries, such as Automotive, Aerospace, Tool & Mould Makers, Manufacturing, Prototyping, Woodworks, jewellery design, hobby and education. The visualization of CAD files is becoming more and more important. For more information please visit


Source: DataCAD Software & Services GmbH

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