November 20, 2013

SSERCA Selects DataDirect Networks WOS

DENVER, Colo., Nov. 20 — The Sunshine State Education & Research Computing Alliance (SSERCA) has selected DataDirect Networks (DDN) Web Object Scaler (WOS) high-performance object storage to drive the development of a statewide research community that can more effectively and efficiently address 21st Century research challenges.

In supporting the alliance’s mission to break down barriers to insight and foster educational research and collaboration, SSERCA is deploying DDN’s leadership-class WOS object storage system to provide thousands of researchers across all disciplines seamless access to cloud-based scientific computing, communication and educational resources.

SSERCA members, including Florida State University, University of Florida, University of South Florida, University of Central Florida, Florida International University and University of Miami, as well as colleagues outside the university system, will be able to search, retrieve and archive vital research securely stored in DDN’s highly scalable web-based data repository.

With DDN’s WOS technology, SSERCA can build an extensible storage ecosystem for managing extremely large volumes of Big Data without the scalability, complexity, cost and reliability challenges that are associated with traditional block and file storage.

Given the ability for WOS to scale exponentially, SSERCA can grow easily beyond its initial multiple-PB capacity to support future growth plans for the alliance which may triple the number of petabytes of distributed cloud storage across the alliance’s multi-university environment.

Additionally, SSERCA researchers will be able to take advantage of WOS to easily collect, analyze and share large, complex research data from multiple locations and applications across different DDN storage tiers, including advanced storage platforms that support high-performance computing requirements at numerous Florida universities.

DDN WOS Streamlines Collection, Analysis & Sharing of Large, Complex Research Data

With DDN’s WOS, SSERCA can consolidate traditional storage layers, including backup and archive, which will enable research teams to minimize storage management while maximizing productivity and efficiency.

DDN’s WOS platform is optimized for high-speed throughput of large, complex data volumes as well as super-fast I/O operations for small files, making it ideally suited for meeting SSERCA’s needs to handle all types and sizes of research data from multiple sources. Recently named by IDC as a leader in the object storage market, DDN’s WOS platform delivers best-in-class scalable performance, 10x superior performance efficiency and the lowest object storage latency to enhance cloud- and data-intense application experiences.

Joel Zysman, Director of HPC, University of Miami said, “DDN’s ability to support multiple mechanisms for data transmission to and from third party high-performance parallel file systems, which may be tightly coupled with campus HPC assets, was a key differentiator in selecting DDN’s cost-effective solution. This selection will enable SSERCA to share data seamlessly while leveraging our existing investment in DDN and/or other HPC storage equipment.”

“DDN is pleased to help SSERCA fulfill its research mission by making it much easier for dispersed teams to store, access, analyze and share complex data. With WOS technology, DDN combines massive storage scalability with the simplicity of cloud infrastructure to take productivity and efficiency to the next level, all while lowering cost and risk,” said Jeff Denworth, Vice President of Marketing, DDN.

About DataDirect Networks

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Source: DataDirect Networks

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