December 12, 2013

EPCC to Support Pervasive Parallelism Studentships

Dec. 12 — EPCC was recently successful in its joint bid with Informatics for an EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Pervasive Parallelism. The Centre aims to develop research leaders with deep knowledge and awareness across the parallelism spectrum. To support this, it will support about 10 fully-funded, four-year studentships each year over the next 5 years. The majority will be based in Informatics, but we expect 1 or 2 per year to be available at EPCC.

How to apply

If you are interested in applying for a studentship, please see the Centre website. We strongly advise you to contact potential supervisors while writing your application. The relationship with your supervisors is key to a successful PhD experience, and supervisors will be appointed as part of the admissions process.


  • First round deadline: 27 January 2014.
  • Second round: 31 March 2014.


Source: EPCC

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