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November 18, 2013

ETI to Provide Support for OCR

DENVER, Colo., Nov. 18 — ET International, Inc. (ETI), a leading provider of high-performance system software solutions and customized performance acceleration services for heterogeneous and multi-core/many-core architectures, today announced it will provide commercial support for the Open Community Runtime (OCR).

ETI is collaborating with Intel under its Traleika Glacier DOE X-Stack program that is developing OCR. ETI is strengthening its collaboration with the Traleika Glacier program with an open source community edition of ETI SWARM runtime software, which will be used to enhance OCR. ETI intends on contributing modules of SWARM to OCR and incorporating modules of OCR into SWARM to improve the synergy between the projects.  ETI will also provide commercial support and services for OCR.

“We welcome ETI’s contributions to OCR and encourage their commercial support of OCR. We believe that such commercial support and contributions will be necessary for the success of OCR,” said Wilfred Pinfold, Director of Extreme Scale Systems, Intel Corporation.

“ETI values the continued strong relationship with Intel and is pleased to provide commercial support for OCR. As a leader in the runtime systems research and development field, ETI is well poised to leverage its expertise to consult on, design, develop, support, and maintain runtime system software,” said Rich Collier, Chief Operating Officer at ETI.

ETI SWARM and OCR embody a new breed of execution models that allow developers to express more parallelism with less synchronization by describing the tasks and their dependences without binding them to threads. “ETI has proven this model on many platforms. With contributions of SWARM technologies to OCR, ETI believes that adoption of the core execution model will increase as developers look for solutions to the challenges they face in large-scale distributed heterogeneous computing environments,” said Rishi Khan, Vice President of R&D at ETI. “In the fullness of time, we expect that developers will incorporate the power of our model and begin to leverage en masse.”

ETI will be participating in the OCR demonstrations in the Intel booth at SC13 and will be available for discussions on commercial support of OCR.  ETI will also be represented at the OCR BoF on Wednesday, November 20th from 12:15PM-1:15PM, Room 405/406/407, and at the Intel Theater on Thursday, November 21st from 1:15-1:45, Booth 2701.

About ET International, Inc.

E.T. International, Inc. (ETI) delivers unprecedented scalability and efficiency for high-performance systems that are utilized for Big Data analytics and High Performance Computing. ETI distributes two unique product offerings, SWARM and HAMR. SWARM is a commercial runtime system software technology available in community and enterprise editions that achieves dramatic performance improvement while enhancing user productivity and is especially well suited to challenging dynamic applications. HAMR is a Big Data analytics framework that unifies batch and streaming analytics under the same API.  For more information, visit or contact Robin Lawton (302) 738-1438 or


Source: ET International, Inc.

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