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December 6, 2013

European HPC Centers Add Allinea DDT to Multi-Petaflop Cray Systems

WARWICK, U.K., Dec. 6 — Allinea Software revealed that through its strategic alliance with Cray Inc., five of Europe’s newest multi-petaflop Cray XC30 supercomputers are now using the scalable Allinea DDT parallel debugging tool.

As application developers stretch the limits of their scientific codes, the Allinea DDT debugger will be taking scaling in its stride: Allinea DDT architecture and graphical interface is proven in production use at scale on more Petaflop systems than any other developer tool.

“Allinea is recognized for having defined scalable debugging – for showing that debugging at scale is not only possible but it is also easy and effective,” said Jacques Philouze, VP Sales and Marketing EMEA, “Our tools deliver the fastest and most complete solution for developers of applications that seek to run at today’s high scales – and this is key to enabling scientist to deliver results using these Cray XC30 systems for ECMWF, ARCHER, DWD and the two HLRN sites ZIB and RRZN.”

ARCHER, managed by EPSRC on behalf of the UK Research Councils, operated and hosted by the University of Edinburgh, is the newest UK National Supercomputing Service. The new multi-Petaflop shared resource for research and academia provides nearly four times the scientific throughput of its predecessor HECToR, a Cray XE6 system.

Also based in the UK is the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF), an intergovernmental supported by 34 states. ECMWF provides weather services with medium-range forecasts of global weather (up to 15 days ahead), monthly forecasts, and seasonal forecasts, and pursues a very active research and development program with the input of scientists from member states and beyond. ECMWF has chosen two Cray XC30 supercomputers for their next operational and research facility.

Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD), the National Meteorological Service of Germany, provides regional and national weather forecasts and climate information for the country, and is a major contributor to the global meteorological community. DWD has purchased two new Cray XC30 supercomputers.

HLRN, an alliance of seven federal states in North Germany, is hosting two large Cray XC30 systems – one at ZIB in Berlin and the second at RRZN in Hannover.

“We are very happy about our alliance with Allinea,” said Dr. Ulla Thiel, Cray vice president, Europe, “With its proven success and routine high-scale usage on very large systems, Allinea DDT was a natural fit for Cray supercomputers at Europe’s most demanding HPC centers.”

 “Through our alliance with Cray we are delivering the ability for computational scientists to resolve problems at any scale using Allinea DDT, we look forward to working with Cray to spread best practices for developing at scale,” adds Philouze.

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Source: Allinea Software

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