June 3, 2014

GiDEL Introduces OpenCL Compliant FPGA Boards

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 3 – GiDEL, a market leader in cutting-edge reconfigurable technology utilizing FPGAs, unveils boards that allow customers to combine the OpenCL programming model with Altera’s massively parallel FPGA architecture. This combination enables simplifying and accelerating the development process while taking advantage of the inherent FPGA qualities to accelerate dramatically compute intensive applications and reduce significantly power consumption and total cost of ownership.

GiDEL’s ProceV is a PCIe gen3 x8 based platform supporting Stratix V GX(A3,A7,AB)/GS(D5, D8) FPGAs. OpenCL allows users to write programs in C/C++ or OpenCL C that execute across heterogeneous computing platforms such as CPUs, GPUs, DSPs, and FPGAs and extract parallelism from that code. The Altera software development kit (SDK) for OpenCL abstracts the standard hardware development flow for FPGAs and enables software programmers with basic hardware knowledge to deploy on Stratix V FPGA based GiDEL platforms.

GiDEL’s innovative FPGA-based Proc Boards provide supercomputing solution combining superior performance at ultra-low power consumption. The Proc boards are designed for high performance and maximal flexibility to meet application specific needs. Novo-G (winner of 2012 Schwarzkopf prize), the world’s largest declared FPGA based supercomputer, exemplifies the Proc Boards’ combination of performance and flexibility to achieve supercomputing acceleration for diverse calculation intensive research applications.

“The FPGAs technology has been available for decades yet limited in usage.” said Reuven Weintraub, President and CTO of GiDEL, “Now, with the development of the OpenCL for FPGA, this platform-independent language enables more programmers to utilize the power of FPGA based architecture.”

Gidel will show case its OpenCL solution for FPGA at the ISC 2014 in Leipzig June 23-25, 2014.

About GiDEL

GiDEL Ltd. is a successful, profitable and innovative company founded in 1993. GiDEL has become one of the market leaders continuously providing cutting-edge reconfigurable technology utilizing FPGAs. GiDEL sees its customers as partners and uses its vast experience at the project-level and FPGA design to focus on its customers’ projects success. Customers in semiconductor, consumer product, communications, machine vision, medical imaging, and military/aerospace markets have been purchasing the Proc family of reconfigurable processors for a variety of applications, including: low-latency, high-performance computation, COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) acquisition and accelerator boards, and validation of complex algorithms. For more information, contact GiDEL in North America at 408-969-0389, or worldwide at +972-4-610-2505, or on the web at www.gidel.com.

Source: GiDEL

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