March 11, 2014

HPC Project Awards Ceremony to be Held at Galicia Supercomputing Center

March 11 — A ceremony will be held to award the top end projects of the Interuniversity Masters Degree in High Performance Computing.

The Masters in High Performance Computing represents a unique success story in the landscape of academic training in Spain. It is the only Masters program in Galicia by two universities (UDC and USC) along with a unique scientific and technological stat infrastructure (CESGA) with the support and participation of 7 multinational companies used to competing in the market arena (IBM , HP, BULL, Fujitsu , AMD , Amazon and Gompute) and a professional association (CPEIG) .

Students receive highly demanded scientific and technical training in today’s job market. As part of their training, students complete technology development projects under the supervision of teachers and closely monitored by the companies sponsoring this Master.

Master’s Final Project Awards Ceremony  

Location: Galicia Supercomputing Center, Avenida de Vigo, s/n
Santiago de Compostela
Date: Tuesday, March 11
Time: 17:10 h.


  • 17:10 Opening Ceremony Tomás Fernández Pena (Masters Programme Coordinator)
  • 17:15 Project Award Winners and Representatives of HP , Bull , IBM and Fujitsu
  • 17:30 Closing Act

A jury composed of faculty members and technicians with proven experience in the Supercomputer Center and in the companies sponsoring these awards will decide the winning projects from the group of finalists who present their project.

In act four awards will be distributed; HP, IBM, and Fujitsu deliver three of these at the best Master’s Final Project and the European technology company BULL will award a prize to the best academic record.


Source: CESGA

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