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November 12, 2013

IncrediBuild Accelerates Microsoft’s TFS

TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 12 — IncrediBuild, the de facto standard in development acceleration, has added the ability to accelerate Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server (TFS). Using the IncrediBuild Acceleration Connectivity Platform (ACP) with TFS delivers better performance across the entire release management process.

“The continuous integration process was developed to streamline and optimize application development while providing better visibility and manageability,” says Mr. Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. “However, it requires increased performance to meet today’s market demands. With IncrediBuild’s ACP, Team Foundation Server users can transform every TFS build agent into a killer supercomputer.”

Essentially, the Microsoft TFS-IncrediBuild integration transforms each build agent into a 500-core machine. IncrediBuild’s process virtualization (PV) technology connects underutilized CPUs and GPUs across the existing network to accelerate every aspect of the continuous integration process, including code builds, unit testing, regression tests, QA, code analysis, rendering, packaging, and many other internal tasks.

IncrediBuild ACP ensures out-of-the-box enhanced performance without any integration. Its standard and open interfaces quickly connect any compute intensive task in the ALM process to IncrediBuild’s distributed computing infrastructure, achieving faster CI and better ALM performance. Many release management and ALM tools can automatically connect to IncrediBuild’s ACP and work in tandem.

“We’ve always supported the Microsoft Visual Studio platform,” continued Maor. “With the addition of TFS’s native support, we further accelerate the entire application development process within the Microsoft environment.”

IncrediBuild taps not only into Visual Studio but also to MSBuild, MStest, Microsoft Code Analysis, and other tasks activated through TFS. TFS’s support will be available with the next release of IncrediBuild (which also supports Visual Studio 2013), due out before the end of the month.

About IncrediBuild

IncrediBuild, developed by Xoreax Ltd., is a leading solution provider of software development acceleration technology. Harnessing unutilized processing power across networks, IncrediBuild speeds the code build and other compute intensive processes as part of the overall CI and application life cycle management processes. With its unique process virtualization technology, IncrediBuild has become the de facto standard solution for development acceleration on the Windows platform. More than 100,000 users at over 2,000 companies and organizations depend on IncrediBuild, including 20 Fortune 100 companies.


Source: IncrediBuild

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