June 6, 2014

International BioMetrics & Smart Government Summit Kicks Off Call for Papers

June 6 — The International Biometrics & Smart Government Summit (IBMSGS’ 2015) invites you to submit a research paper for consideration. All accepted papers will be published in printed conference books/proceedings (ISBN) and will also be made available online. The proceedings will be presented to high caliber scientific journals. IBMSGS’15 is composed of a number of tracks, including: tutorials, sessions, workshops, posters, and panel discussions.

We seek novel paper submissions (English or French) to be presented or posted (as a poster paper) in IBMSGS’2015 with topics broadly including, but not limited to:


  • Algorithms for molecular biology
  • Aviation Security and Quality Control
  • Banking and Financial Services
  • Best Practices in Biometrics and Smart GOV.
  • Biological image and signal analysis
  • Biometrics and Security Reliability
  • Biometrics Linked Services and Applications
  • Biometrics Recognition and Methods for Performance Evaluation
  • Biometrics system design
  • Biometrics Technologies
  • Biostatistics Research
  • Border Control
  • Brain-computer interfaces
  • Computational anatomy and digital human; Medical robotics
  • Computer Security
  • Computer-aided detection and diagnosis
  • Content based image retrieval and data mining;
  • Data mining for biological databases
  • Deformable object tracking and registration
  • Education; Transportation
  • Government Security and Safety
  • Healthcare: Safety Quality and Quantity
  • Homeland Security and Safety
  • Image guidance and robot guidance of interventions
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical and biological imaging
  • Modeling, simulation and visualization
  • Molecular and cellular image analysis
  • Motor Vehicle; Physical Security;
  • Multimedia Biometrics; Multimodal Biometrics Research; Physical Access Control; Retail and Electronic Commerce
  • Segmentation of medical images
  • Telecommunications
  • Volumetric image analysis

Smart-Government (GOV.)

  • Applications of Smart GOV.; Building Smart GOV.; Challenges of open-source and open-standard solutions in e-GOV.
  • Citizen participation and involvement in public sector governance; Criteria in e-GOV. evaluation; E-GOV. evaluation and axiological philosophy;  E-Id in public e-service development; E-infrastructure for public sector; E-participation and social media in democratic processes; E-services and redesign of public administration processes
  • Ethics, Transparency and Accountability; Evaluation of e-GOV. strategies and plans
  • Evaluation of websites, e-services, infrastructural components, e-GOV. interoperability, legacy systems; Innovative design and prototypes of e-GOV. services; Inter-organizational relationships in public sector; Legal, organizational and institutional barriers to e-service development; Methods and concepts of participatory e-GOV. processes; Methods for e-GOV. evaluation
  • Metrics for e-GOV. evaluation; Models for e-GOV. evaluation
  • National and international benchmarking of e-GOV.; New forms of governances and management; Perspectives and methodological points of departure for e-GOV. evaluation; Policy and GOV. Innovations; Practical evaluation vs. evaluation as a research activity; Role of Biometrics in Smart GOV.; Smart GOV. and Information Security; Smart GOV. for Smart Societies; The e-service concept; The role of evaluation in benefits management; The roles of values and policies in e-GOV.; Transparency and openness in e-Gov.
  • Smart Space & Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Best practices in Smart Government

Submissions can be in the form of:

  • Abstract (paper not exceeding 2 pages)
  • Full papers: Prepare your manuscript (maximum 6 pages)
  • Poster Presentation: is a graphically based approach to presenting research

Submission link:  http://www.ibmsgs.org/submission/

Important Dates

  • Submission:  1 August, 2014
  • Notification: Within 2 weeks
  • Camera Ready: 1 December, 2014
  • Registration: 10 November, 2014

Source: International BioMetrics & Smart Government Summit

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