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February 18, 2014

INVEA-TECH Introduces TradeCOPE

ARLINGTON, Va., Feb. 18 — Nowadays electronic markets are highly competitive and the market participants are challenged to adapt to rapid changes while it is necessary to be not only fast but also smart in their trading decisions. TradeCOPE is the next-generation electronic trading solution that meets all of the requirements. It solves repetitive issues related to market data processing and brings power and speed of FPGA to everyone, even to those inexperienced in the field of FPGA. TradeCOPE uses unique concept of HW-SW co-design, where efficient hardware is controlled by smart software and therefore represents true innovation in ultra-low latency intelligent trading.

INVEA-TECH as a long-time leader in the field of programmable hardware carefully takes notice of customers’ and market needs and always brings exclusive solutions. Following repeated demands from traders, brokers and banks, INVEA-TECH identified the need for easily usable solution combining the speed of the newest FPGA chip Virtex 7 and the simplicity of software.

Therefore, we have created the world’s first solution that resolves all common and repetitive tasks related to market data processing, trade decisions and transmission of the order back to the exchange. The whole processing is realized inside the FPGA and thus achieves rare performance parameters, completely deterministic, cycle-accurate, sub-microsecond latency. Massively parallel data processing in FPGA offers rapid executions of complex decision logic optionally followed by generating orders to the exchange.

Entire hardware run is closely tied to and controlled by software, which thanks to unique HW-SW co-design is able to deliver inputs to the FPGA trading pipeline rapidly. The software has high visibility into the hardware processing and is thus able to manage, control and audit all decisions as well as to minimize the risk.

Milan Dvořák, TradeCOPE solution architect says, “Product created this way is an optimal solution giving power both to experts and those unexperienced in the FPGA field. At the same time it reduces amount of different technologies that the market participant has to manage. Equally important is the fact that FPGA technology is computationally powerful enough to considerably reduce the number of devices in collocations and maximize savings by the footprint reduction.”

Key Features of TradeCOPE solution:

  • Support for all major exchanges
  • Description of trading algorithm running in hardware using high-level language
  • A-B arbitrage, FIX/FAST and binary decoding, content-aware and intelligent filtering
  • Order book, trading logic and order transmission in FPGA
  • Hardware platform with support for 1G/10G/40G connectivity with a total capacity of 80G

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