September 2, 2014

ISC Cloud’14 Issues Call for Posters

Sept. 2 — To meet the growing interest in using high performance computing (HPC) as a service, ISC Cloud will bring together 200 researchers, engineers, consultants as well as hardware and software providers to discuss the most timely HPC cloud topics and trends.

Adding even greater depth to the event this year, we’ve selected expert speakers with firsthand experience in cloud usage. They will report on the latest achievements in the HPC cloud technologies, provide perspective on their benefits and challenges, and offer practical recommendations about how to best utilize cloud-based computing.

This conference will be extremely valuable for members of the scientific, business, and engineering communities who want to understand cloud-based computing and how it can be applied across an array of performance-demanding applications.

Scope of the Conference

The growing acceptance of enterprise cloud computing is starting to generate a strong acceptance of HPC related services for engineering and scientific simulations in the cloud as well.

The benefits of using cloud services also in HPC and in Digital Manufacturing are becoming more obvious, such as: shorter design and development cycles, higher product quality, reducing risk of failure, and cost savings.

Many of the presentations at ISC Cloud will again highlight a range of concept proofs and practical use cases in science and engineering, discussing the benefits and challenges, and providing lessons learned and recommendations, and thus demonstrating that the number of early adopters in this sector is on the rise.

Clouds will surely revolutionize how HPC is applied because of its utilitarian usage model. Clouds will make HPC and data processing genuinely mainstream, paving the way to HPC as a Service.

Conference Topics

  • Hands-on Tutorial: The Desktop as the Window to the Cloud
  • Real Case Studies From Industry and Research: Secrets of Their Successes
  • Technical Clouds: From Lessons Learned to Successful Solutions
  • Application Software Providers: Making the Jump to Cloud Computing
  • Cloud R&D: The EU Funds Six Key Projects

Call for Posters

The ISC Cloud Conference (September 29 – 30 in Heidelberg) for engineers and scientists to explore HPC in the Cloud is inviting poster submissions related to the topics of the conference.

Topics are theoretical and practical HPC Cloud topics in the areas of research and industry applications and application specific HPC Cloud projects, use cases and best practices, and successfully tackling cloud challenges.

Please submit your short poster proposal to no later than September 8, 2014.

Source: ISC Cloud

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