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November 20, 2013

IWOCL Announces Second International Workshop on OpenCL

BRISTOL, U.K., Nov. 20 — The organisers of IWOCL 2014 (“eye-wok-ul”) today announced details of the 2nd International Workshop on OpenCL and the opening of its call for submissions. IWOCL is an annual meeting of developers, researchers and suppliers to promote the use, evolution and advancement of the OpenCL parallel programming open standard. IWOCL 2014 will take place in Bristol, England on May 12-13, 2014. For additional information visit: and follow @IWOCL

The workshop is open to anyone who is interested in contributing to, and participating in the OpenCL community. IWOCL is the premier forum for the presentation and discussion of new designs, trends, algorithms, programming models, software, tools and ideas for OpenCL.  Additionally, IWOCL provides a formal channel for community feedback to the Khronos Group’s OpenCL workgroup.

IWOCL is looking for submissions from industry experts and academia in all topics related to OpenCL, including but not limited to: application development from any discipline, algorithms, performance analysis, tools and libraries, optimization, verification, portability and education. IWOCL 2014 particularly solicits papers on embedded computing with OpenCL, although High Performance Computing related submissions are also welcome.

The following types of submission are invited:

  • Original Research Papers (to be published in ACM Conference Series)
  • Technical Presentations
  • Tutorials and Workshops
  • Posters Sessions

“IWOCL 2014 provides an ideal forum for the presentation and discussion of all things OpenCL and its use in state-of–the-art parallel programming,” said Simon-McIntosh-Smith, IWOCL local Chair and Head of the Microelectronics Research Group at the University of Bristol. “OpenCL has already gathered considerable momentum amongst application developers on desktop, mobile and embedded platforms, but also provides a foundation for portable middleware, libraries, engines and higher-level programming languages. As the many-core computing space matures, we see OpenCL already starting to replace the early, proprietary parallel programming languages that were necessary in the infancy of the space. OpenCL’s broad industry support provides a solid and portable parallel programming platform for applications and solutions developers to target, improving productivity and accelerating the rate at which software can exploit the latest CPU, GPU and accelerator hardware.”

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: Friday 31st January, 2014

Sponsors and Sponsorship

The IWOCL Conference is made possible by the generous support of its sponsors, currently including; Imagination Technologies (Platinum Sponsor), AlteraARMCodeplay,IntelSamsungSony Mobile CommunicationsThe Khronos Group and the University of Bristol. Companies interested in joining these innovative and forward thinking sponsors should contact the organisers.


Source: IWOCL

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