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August 22, 2014

University of Houston Oil and Gas Workshop Issues Call for Participation

Aug. 22 — The University of Houston (Dr. Barbara Chapman) in collaboration with the other members of OpenACC, will be hosting an Oil and Gas (O&G) Workshop.

We would like to reach out to O&G domain scientists/researchers who are keen to hear about alternative high-level programming models used to port seismic codes to use accelerators. High-level models such as OpenACC/OpenMP proposes to be more portable and more vendor neutral, and may be complementary to programming using CUDA or OpenCL. We will discuss coding styles, what is the programming gap that the standards need to address, and share useful feedback from an application user point of view. In addition attendees will be able to influence how these standards add features that benefit the O&G industry in its journey to embrace massive manycore technology. We hope attendees will come away with a better understanding of how high level models such as OpenACC/OpenMP can be used in the seismic domain.

Participants interested in presenting their work at this workshop are invited to submit an abstract. Please send your submissions to (Sunita Chandrasekaran from UH) by September 20th. Speakers are welcome to share codes that are work-in-progress and have not yet gotten dramatic results, but in the process gained knowledge about using programming models and best practices, to port such seismic codes to accelerators. The agenda is expected to be a mix of invited speakers and presentations from various academia/industry experts selected from responses to this call.

Source: University of Houston

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