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March 20, 2014

OpenACC Sessions to be Offered at GPU Technology Conference

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 20 — The OpenACC standards group announced today that over 20 OpenACC-related sessions will be offered at the upcoming GPU Technology Conference (GTC), on March 24-27, including talks from leading institutions like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and ETH Zurich from Switzerland.

“OpenACC is gaining momentum and adoption,” said Duncan Poole, President of the OpenACC Standards Group. “Developers benefit because using OpenACC directives makes parallel programming more productive and collaboration easier. Large, legacy codes are easier to maintain and accelerated code is more portable across HPC systems.”

GTC sessions cover a wide range of topics, including newly parallelized applications, programming techniques and new OpenACC features.  Suggested sessions and events include:

Members of the organization will be on hand in the OpenACC booth #1013 during GTC and in the OpenACC Experts “Hangout” on the concourse to answer questions.  A complete list of more than 20 OpenACC tutorials and talks can be found here.

Leading Global Oil and Gas Company Joins OpenACC

Total S.A., a leading global oil and gas company, has joined the OpenACC membership. Total joins a growing organization founded on a common interest in performance-portable directives-based application development for accelerated systems.

“Total is an acknowledged leader in driving adoption of parallel programming standards in the oil and gas industry,” said Prof. Barbara Chapman, Director, Center for Advanced Computing and Data Systems at the University of Houston. “We look forward to continued collaboration in using OpenACC for commercial scientific applications.”


In advance of GTC, SPEC’s High-Performance Group released SPEC ACCEL V1.0, a new benchmark suite that measures the performance of systems using hardware accelerator devices and supporting software. SPEC ACCEL includes OpenACC benchmarks which measure the performance of a suite of computationally intensive parallel applications across these hybrid systems. Results based on the new benchmarks are already available on the SPEC website.

For more information, visit to Honor Valued Contributors with OpenACC Awards is starting an awards program at the 2014 GPU Technology show. These awards will recognize those who have contributed significantly to the standard in recent months, either by accelerating a key scientific application using OpenACC or by helping educate broad communities of developers.  Winners will be announced after the conference.

About the OpenACC Standards Group

OpenACC is a non-profit corporation that created and fosters a cross-platform API which allows any scientist or programmer to easily accelerate applications on modern many-core and multi-core processors. OpenACC directives identify compute-intensive code to a compiler for acceleration or offload, while preserving a single code base and cross-platform portability. OpenACC is complementary to and interoperable with existing programming models including OpenMP, MPI, CUDA, and OpenCL. Organizations actively involved in high-performance heterogeneous computing are encouraged to participate. Please visit for more information.


Source: OpenACC

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