April 9, 2014

Sabalcore Launches Accelerated 3D Remote Graphics

MELBOURNE, Fla., April 9 — Sabalcore Computing Inc., a leading High Performance Computing (HPC) service provider, today officially announced the launch of their new remote graphics capabilities. Remote Graphics with 3-D hardware acceleration, or “rg3d,” allows Sabalcore customers to effectively interact with any graphical 2-D or 3-D capable software interface even over low-bandwidth WAN connections.

“Effective remote visualization in the HPC industry has always been a challenge.” said Sabalcore co-founder and CTO Dr. Kevin Van Workum. “We think rg3d will help address that. rg3d was designed to be platform independent, simple to use, and most importantly include hardware acceleration for 3-D graphics. While rg3d was in beta, the feedback from our customers and ISVs was overwhelming positive.” said Van Workum. “By combining end user software, powerful tools like rg3d, and high performance computing cloud services, we provide our customers with a complete integrated solution in a pay-as-you-go business model.”

rg3d is launched from any Java capable browser. No installation of proprietary or third-party software is required. Connect from any location. The graphical interface works and looks like a typical desktop. This helps bridge the gap between MS Windows and Linux. End-users save time by eliminating the need to download and view results locally. Instead, the user can interact directly with the data graphically over the Internet.

Five key features of rg3d

  • No installation of special software required. Simply “click and launch” from any Java capable browser.
  • Optional hardware acceleration for optimum 3-D acceleration even over low-bandwidth Internet connections.
  • Get complete remote access to the full power of Sabalcore’s HPC Cloud service from anywhere.
  • Reduce time by visualizing results or viewing jobs remotely in real-time.
  • Sessions are automatically saved and can be picked-up where left off at a later time.

Sabalcore rg3d means easy path to the cloud for independent software vendors too. For ISVs wanting to integrate their products into a HPC cloud, rg3d eliminates the need to develop a custom solution or web-based interface because the ISV can use the product’s actual native graphical user interface (GUI). Sabalcore’s powerful graphical nodes with professional GPUs, which are certified by many leading ISVs for scientific and engineering applications, further enhance the user experience. Additionally, the ISV can host their products on Sabalcore’s cutting-edge HPC systems and thereby provide a complete integrated solution for their customers.

Sabalcore provides remote access to high-performance computing resources on-demand that are specifically designed for scientific and engineering problems that require vast amounts of compute resources. The service enables scientists and engineers to take advantage of large parallel computing systems with remote graphical capabilities without the upfront investment in computer hardware and long-term utility maintenance costs. The service is accessible online from anywhere, anytime. This saves the customer time and reduces costs. rg3d is part of Sabalcore’s HPC services suite of tools which includes Sciterm – a Secure Shell (ssh) command line client, Knowledge Base – a private help and FAQ site, Dynamic Cluster Isolation (DCI), and many others. For more information about the service, please visit: www.sabalcore.com.

About Sabalcore Computing Inc.

Sabalcore, based in the US in Melbourne Florida, provides the easiest to use high-performance computing (HPC) service available in the Cloud along with the level of engineering support needed to use it effectively, at a cost below in-house solutions. Formed in 2000 as the first company to provide high-performance computing services on-demand, Sabalcore brings over 14 years of experience to help its customers achieve success. Sabalcore is “Where Data Becomes Discovery.”

More information about Sabalcore’s high performance computing services can be found at www.sabalcore.com.


Source: Sabalcore Computing Inc.

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