November 19, 2013

Scalable Informatics Releases Unison Storage Cloud Appliance

DENVER, Colo., Nov. 19 — Scalable Informatics, Inc. (Scalable), a no-compromise Big Data Analytics and Cloud Appliance provider for time series, massive storage, data warehouse, and noSQL databases, today released the Unison storage cloud appliance and announced STAC report SUT: KDB131015, the first ever published report of STAC-M3 on a parallel file system.

The benchmarks were performed on a Unison appliance featuring two 8-core Intel Xeon E5-2687W CPUs, 48 direct-attached 3TB 7.2K drives, and 12 direct-attached 120GB SATA SSDs. Inktank’s Ceph Enterprise file system was presented as a single mount point and the databases were in a single directory, rather than splitting the database across many mount points, as is common practice for this benchmark. These attributes are unique to a distributed file system model and create opportunities to explore workflows with more than one client.

“Working with Inktank allowed us to produce a very high performance flexible storage system that is extremely reliable,” says Dr. Joseph Landman, CEO of Scalable Informatics. “When testing a read-dominated workload using Kx kdb+, Ceph outperformed running on native block devices, demonstrating its low overhead, I/O optimization, and scalability.”

Unison is one of Scalable Informatics’ Fast Path Big Data appliances. It supports Object, Block, and File storage and eliminates data silos and storage complexity with a solution built specifically for multi-tenancy and cloud. The appliance provides feature-rich, dense, scale out storage for private clouds and large-scale virtual machine infrastructures.

“On the heels of STAC benchmarking results that place Ceph as the fastest parallel file system, Inktank is pleased to be fostering a partnership with Scalable,” said Ross Turk, Inktank’s VP of Community. “When Ceph is coupled with Scalable’s hardware, it delivers the type of storage system today’s enterprises need.”

Systems are available immediately. Scalable and Inktank will be demonstrating the Unison at Booth 1919 at the Supercomputing Conference in Denver, Colorado, November 18–21. Further information on the STAC-M3 report and benchmark can be found at STAC Research,

About STAC

STAC, the Securities Technology Analysis Center LLC, provides hands-on technology research and testing tools to the trading industry.

About Inktank

Inktank is the company delivering Ceph—the massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system. Ceph, The Future of Storage, runs on commodity hardware and has been developed to deliver object, block, and file system storage in one software platform that is self-managing, self-healing and has no single point of failure.

About Scalable Informatics

Scalable Informatics, Inc. is a no-compromise Big Data Analytics and Cloud Appliance provider. Their innovative, tightly-coupled design provides unbeatable performance. Scalable’s products provide exceptional flexibility for scale-up and scale-out performance, to deliver the highest performance and lowest latency at aggressive price points.


Source: Scalable Informatics

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