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December 9, 2013

Servergy Partners with Inktank to Develop Cloud Storage Solution

LAS VEGAS, Nev., Dec. 9 — Cleantech IT innovations company Servergy, Inc. announced today from the Gartner Data Center Conference 2013 that it has partnered with Inktank to develop a new class of clean and green, high I/O, high density, large scale cloud storage solution. Inktank delivers Ceph, the massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system. The reference implementation integrates the distributed, highly scalable Ceph storage system with Servergy’s new class of high I/O clean and green PowerLinux Cleantech Servers.

The Servergy Cleantech Servers pay for themselves by providing ultra-efficient, high I/O, high density, scale-out capability for cloud, big data, caching and distributed storage applications, globally. In addition to reducing power, cooling, space, water, weight and carbon footprints by up to 80% or more, the new systems also have up to 16 times the I/O and compute density over traditional server technology. The US-built servers weigh only 9 pounds, have the footprint of a legal pad and offer industry-leading performance-per-watt with maximum power consumption of around 100 Watts at full load.

“Data centers worldwide are faced with the ongoing explosion of big data, which creates rapidly growing I/O, power, cooling and space bottlenecks that continue to create serious problems for data center operators globally, as they look to expand large scale cloud storage platforms, like Ceph,” said Bill Mapp, founder and CEO of Servergy, Inc. “Servergy is proud to be partnering with Inktank to provide an exciting new clean and green Ceph solution, that literally helps pay for itself by dramatically reducing space and power consumption, while generating up to 16X increase in I/O and compute density – all of which are mission critical for data center operators. The combination of Ceph with Servergy’s Cleantech Server creates a powerful new clean and green, very high I/O, ultra-dense, large scale storage platform for data centers, globally.”

While the Cleantech Server is redefining server architecture and performance with an ultra-high efficiency and-density approach, the Ceph distributed storage system perfectly complements these features by running a distributed scalable storage cluster across a large number of systems. Ceph is a massively scalable, open source, software defined storage system. It comprises an object store, a virtual block device and a POSIX-compatible distributed file system. The platform is capable of auto-scaling to the exabyte level and beyond, is self-healing and self-managing, and has no single point of failure. The PowerLinux-based Cleantech Servers will uniquely enable a new class of clean and green Ceph clusters to deliver industry leading performance-per-watt, I/O and density per 1U.

“The storage industry and its established players are being challenged by the software-defined storage model that delivers scalability and reliability at a lower price point,” said Bryan Bogensberger, Inktank CEO. “In addition to radical improvements in the economics of data storage, Ceph was designed to provide the scalability, flexibility and fault tolerance needed for large-scale storage deployments on a variety of storage platforms. When paired with Ceph, the new Servergy Cleantech Servers provide a unique advantage, affording the ultra-high efficiency, I/O and density that makes for new clean, green, large-scale storage deployments that literally help pay for themselves.”

Servergy is a Gartner Data Center Conference Silver Sponsor and exhibitor at booth #605.

About Servergy

Servergy is a Cleantech IT innovations company and thought leader in using open PowerLinux. Servergy has created an exciting new clean and green class of hyper-efficient, high-performance PowerLinux server with its patented Cleantech Architecture that is built on top of the mature, scalable and data center proven Power Architecture. Servergy is focused on developing data center technologies that save power, space and offer highly scalable, high density, high I/O solutions for cloud, big data, caching and distributed storage applications. Servergy is backed by a rapidly growing partner list of top companies around the globe. Servergy’s headquarters and Innovations Lab are located in Dallas, Texas. Visit Servergy at or @Servergy.

About Inktank

Inktank is the company delivering Ceph—the massively scalable, open source, software-defined storage system. Launched by some of the leading developers of Ceph, Inktank is dedicated to helping organizations fully leverage the transformative power of Ceph to decrease storage costs, increase operational flexibility and help free them from restrictive and expensive proprietary storage systems. Inktank provides best-in-class professional services and support offerings to enterprises, service providers, and cloud platforms. Please visit for more information or follow us on Twitter at @inktank.

About the Gartner Data Center Conference 2013

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